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Human Stretcher Transit Isolator


For the Transportation of patients who are thought to have contracted highly infectious virus’s/diseases, such as; Ebola, Marburg Haemorrhagic Fevers etc.

The Stretcher Transit Isolator will allow the patient to be fully enclosed/contained within a safe fully sealed negative pressure environment thus protecting clinical staff, transporting agents, etc, from the infected patient.




The Stretcher Transit isolator can be transported via local Vehicles, Aircraft/Helicopters or other methods of transport delivering the infected patient to be transported to a hospital or other treatment facility.

The stretcher transit isolator can be connected directly to a hospital based human treatment isolator via a connection sleeve whilst maintaining the employed negative pressure containment barrier.



  • Hospital Based Treatment Isolators
  • Compact Human Stretcher Transit Isolators
  • Stretcher Isolators for MRI/CT Imaging
  • HSTI Stretcher Trolley

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